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There may be dog stans here at Pop Culture who would want to deny this, but the fact of the matter is: cats are warriors. How else would you describe creatures that, for instance, manage to survive a whole eight days without food or water, or live through being used as a chew toy? Not to mention this three-year-old cat that refused to die after being shot 30 times.

Puss-Puss, a cat from Essex, England, was reportedly treated for 30 pellet wounds reports the New York Daily News. She was reportedly shot outside of her Essex home before she disappeared for a week.

According to a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) press release the New York Daily News was given Puss-Puss returned home and was, "dragging her feet, covered in blood and clearly injured."

Owner Doug Taw said he was worried sick about Puss-Puss. "Then she eventually dragged herself back in a terrible state and we rushed her straight to the vet," said Taw.

Taw said he heard gunshots outside before Puss-Puss went missing.

"We were shocked to find that Puss-Puss was peppered with such an extraordinary number of pellet wounds all over her body and head," RSPCA inspector Adam Jones said. "One was in her paw, making it hard for her to walk, and another in the middle of her eye, causing a detached retina."

Jones said Puss-Puss would unfortunately lose her eye over the incident. However, Jones did explain how Puss-Puss was lucky saying two bullets nearly missed her spinal cord.

At the moment no one in relation to the crime has been found.