Marty McFly famously wore Nikes, but real time travellers actually wear adidas. Well, maybe. So the partial remains of mummified female body has been found in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. Only the hands and feet have been discovered, but they show something important: she appears to be wearing adidas kicks.

How did she cop them a millennia and a half before the company was founded? Of course, the answer is that the photo just really makes it looks like she’s rocking the iconic three stripes — actually if you look closely there’s a third stripe there as well. It’s just tradition binding that happens to look like a pair of Gazelles.

It’s an important scientific find B. Sukhbaatar, researcher at Khovd Museum, told the Siberian Times that it was the “first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia,” and “this is a very rare phenomenon.” But we’re just excited about his sneakers.

[via Metro]