For the last Democratic debate before the Michigan primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in Flint, Michigan—in the midst of the water crisis. Part of their discussion in tonight's debate will center around what they plan to do in Flint. Anderson Cooper moderates. 

Each candidate opened with a brief statement, beginning with Sanders, who stated, "I believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible, he should resign." In his usual way, he went on to talk about how the crisis in Flint is just an example of the millionaire problem in our country.

Clinton, in her minute-long opener stated, "It is raining lead in Flint." She also calls for the resignation of the governor.

The first question was asked by a Flint resident, who wanted to know what, as president, the candidates would do to help Flint residents regain their trust in the government.

Cooper then proceeded to ask the candidates if they would fire the head of the EPA. Like with Governor Rick Snyder, the two are on the same page with who should be fired. Essentially, anyone who knew about what was going on in Flint. 

Sanders calls out Clinton. He says that she supported all these trade agreements in the past that destroyed our economy. In return, Clinton states that Sanders voted against the bailout that saved the auto industry. At one point the situation gets very heated and after Sanders is interrupted by Clinton he tells her, "Excuse me. I'm talking." 

They continue to fight over their favorite topic—Wall Street.  

When asked about siding with Ted Cruz over Democrats in voting against the export-import bank, Sanders brought out his inner Independent.

Following the break, Cooper shifted the conversation to crime. He brought in a man who's daughter was gravely shot in the recent Kalamazoo shootings. While both of them are in agreement about background checks, Cooper then shifted the conversation to a lawsuit that family members of the Sandy Hook victims are filing against the maker of the gun used in the shooting. The question is what Sanders thinks about the lawsuit. Hillary thinks it's super valid, but Sanders doesn't think going after gun manufacturers is the right approach. 

The conversation then shifted to mass incarceration. Dom Lemon assed, "Why should black people trust you to get it right this time?" Moving off of that, the candidates were then asked, "What experiences have you had that have helped you understand the mindset and values of another culture?" 

Clinton was then asked about her use of the term "super predators" and whether it was some sort of racial code. She admits it wasn't the best thing to say. 

The candidates then move onto education, beginning with a question from a Flint parent and then moving onto the problems many have getting quality education in this country. After being questioned by Cooper on being supported by unions, Clinton states that she's proud.

They move onto the environment, but a highlight is when they join together to say that despite their differences, at least they're not crazy like the Republicans.  

After a brief commercial, Cooper wants to know how Clinton plans to take on Trump if she's indeed the nominee, especially given the fact that he plans on bringing up her emails forever. 

Sanders also added on how he would hold up against Trump. He's then questioned about his belief in God and later about whether or not he's proud of being Jewish.

The religious questions keep going and Clinton is asked who she prays for.