Sarah Palin was almost vice president of the United States. That vision of a different U.S. future is especially scary when we see how Palin, whom has been described The Daily Show's Trevor Noah as "malfunctioning robot," has acted in recent times. Besides endorsing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Palin has made her thoughts known on other things like the national issue of combating ISIS. For this she provided a not-at-all vague idea: "You have to quit being this namby-pamby, kind of milquetoast, 'let's discuss things with them, let's reach out and try to understand them.'" And as just evidenced though disagreeing with Palin always seems to be the case Palin is right for once in criticizing the U.S.'s War on Drugs via the "Just Say No" campaign. 

Palin appears in National Geographic Channel's Generation X series which, "explores various cultural events and phenomena that helped shape the generation after the Baby Boomers," writes Gawker, to discuss The War on Drugs. The "Just Say No" campaign was born of the anti-drug era. As National Geographic shows in some clips of Generation X former first lady Nancy Reagan initiated the catchy slogan in a national address beside former president Ronald Reagan. "When it comes to drugs and alcohol just say 'no'" she says. In another clip the former first lady is also seen talking about "Just Say No" saying, "If you do that, drugs won't stand a chance."

Palin, as many others have come to realize in the years since, criticized the failed campaign. "My, how easy it would be to sit your child down and say, 'Just say no.' It's not that easy. Great intentions, though!" said Palin on Generation X

The episode also discussed how the anti drug abuse act at the time helped penalize crack and "powdered cocaine," as Senator Corey Booker says, differently (crack being sentenced more heavily) with a "100 to 1 disparity in sentencing." A statistic in the episode mentions 85 percent of all those arrested under the act were black men, which brings us back to present day where there's discussion about criminal justice reform and decriminalizing drugs.