Somewhere in West Hollywood, I’m searching for my gray lace thong in the bed of a dude who, prior to last night, I knew only from the internet. I was looking forward to a quick blunt and some pancakes but now I have to be showered, dressed, and in Burbank in an hour. It's 8:15 a.m. when I find out, after much back and forth, that Amber Rose has agreed to let me trail her for the days leading up to her SlutWalk, a protest and day of events for the eradication of victim-blaming and support of sexual assault and abuse survivors that Rose is holding in Downtown Los Angeles this weekend. But if anyone is going to be understanding that I'm late for her interview because I'm on a walk of (no) shame, it's Amber Rose. 

After all, Rose has in recent years acquired the label of the baddest bitch in America and a reluctant role model for sluts (a.k.a. women who, like men labeled simply “men,” enjoy having sex). The 31-year-old South Philly native went from supporting her family off stripping at age 15 to becoming a relatively unknown video model. In 2008, she became Kanye West’s girlfriend and muse. After their breakup in 2010, she continued to expand her career, jumping into being a successful model, an author (Her memoir/self-help book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, drops later this month) and a B-Movie actress. And she’s a mother—to her son, Sebastian, with her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa, who courted her shortly after West. If anyone knows what the burden of slut-shaming is like, it’s Amber Rose. At at each turn, in what many would characterize as a meteoric ascent to fame and fortune, Rose has been met with epithets and ugliness. From her first foray into public life—on West’s arm—she has been branded by gossip bloggers and social media pundits as everything from whore to slut to gold digger. More recently, accusations have turned to that of bad mother and bad role model.

Which begs the question, why you mad? Is it her candid admission to being a teenaged stripper? Is it her long-term relationships with famous men like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa? Is it the litany of other celebrity men she’s been linked to via unsubstantiated rumors in the media? Or is it simply that she’s demonstrated on social media an unabashed pride in her body and its ability to seduce and titillate—all while being someone’s mother?