In the short time that Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office, he has inspired anger, protest, righteous indignation, headaches, and true exasperation. These emotions are felt everywhere: in the streets, in office buildings, in our homes, and, of course, in the media.

It's hard truly like a car crash; we just can’t look away as this president fumbles his way through the job with a nauseating ix of bullying, dystopian nightmare fuel, and general incompetence. Though it’s been less than 18 months, it feels like we've gone through multiple lifetimes just from his Twitter feed alone.

Although keeping up with the news can be traumatic, sometimes the most cathartic coping mechanism can be watching the media call out the garbage as its thrown. The place where we most often see this is CNN; along with simply reporting the news, CNN also jumps on every opportunity to burn the president (as they should).

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and funniest (but also most maddening) moments in which CNN has had to slam Trump for his boorish, disrespectful, and inept behavior at various moments throughout the first year-plus of his presidency. CNN’s panels full of hosts, along with politicians, talking heads, and commentators have gone after him on the network, and often said the same things we find ourselves saying every time we read a new headline—albeit maybe with a little bit more tact.

It's hard to say that there is any fun to be had during this period in history, or that there may be a silver lining of some sort. But sometimes, in the face of something truly awful, you have to just be able to laugh at the ridiculous sham of it all. Right now, that’s all we have.

Here are CNN’s most brutal Donald Trump burns.

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