Our Legacy has been one of the best Scandanavian brands out for a good minute now. The Swedish label knows exactly how to elevate basics and staple pieces to create both unique and highly wearable clothing. Whether it's giving an everyday crewneck a fuzzy makeover, or adding heavy zipper closures to denim overshirts, the brand has consistently turned ubiquitous items into understatedly luxurious ones. 

For its Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the brand is experimenting a little bit more when it comes to silhouettes and color, as we already saw happening with its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. While a lot of designs still build off the basics, we see cropped sweatshirts and elongated double breasted shirts get added into the mix as well. And for a label that tends to stay fairly monochromatic when it comes to color palettes, we even see hints of pink and dark crimson reds. 

One noteworthy piece here is the shearling collared bomber jacket, which can be buttoned up to serve as a neckwarmer. This is a testament to how Our Legacy continually adds unique elements to differentiate itself from every other brand out there reworking the MA-1 design and other staples. 

Take a look at some preview shots of the collection below.