I’ve spent, like, three years writing about how Our Legacy’s greatest…legacy will be how they make basic wardrobe staples with just enough weirdness to make them not weird at all to you, but too weird for all the self-proclaimed "stylish" guy in the office. Like this sweatshirt. It’s just a sweatshirt with vented pockets. But it's made out of a fabric reminiscent of stuffed teddy bear fur. One time, I was dating a girl and we were watching some movie where the guy has those crazy penis muscles that look like a V and I was like, “Just a few more days of cutting weight, and I’ll have some crazy penis muscles,” in an obvious attempt at self-deprecation and compliment fishing and she was like, “No, that’s too much, I like you how you are.” Seriously, she said, “You’re fat and it will probably impact your health, but goddamn you are comfortable to lounge on, like one of those bean bag chairs.”