Between Holly Holm and Conor McGregor losing at UFC 196 and the Warriors getting upset by the Lakers, this weekend was filled with memorable sports moments. But the photo above might very well depict the best moment of all.

During a Pirates/Braves game in Florida on Saturday afternoon, a Pittsburgh fan stopped a bat from doing some serious damage to a little kid. The bat went flying into the stands at one point during the game and came thisclose to hitting the kid in the head. It looks like the kid was playing on a cell phone at the time and didn’t even see the bat coming. But amazingly, the guy who was sitting next to him stuck his arm in front of the kid, deflected the bat, and stopped him from getting hit.

Photographer Christopher Horner documented the moment and showed just how close the bat came to hitting the kid on Twitter:

Wow. So maybe MLB needs to think about installing some netting around their fields? This guy can’t protect everyone!

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[via Bleacher Report]