After three procedures on the broken bone in his right foot, Kevin Durant had his fair share of doubters. Could Durant still play a majority of the season without a significant setback? When he was on the court, could KD put up the same numbers he did in previous years? It has been a tough road back, but the Oklahoma City Thunder star forward looks like he has put the injury woes behind him. 

Durant has played in 48 of the Thunder's 55 games, posting a little over his career average in points (27.8), assists (4.5) and rebounds (7.9) per game. 

In a piece for The Associated Press, Durant exposed how he would motivate himself during his road to recovery. "I just told myself every day that, 'I'm the best player in the world,'" he told The AP. "'I'm the best player in the world.' I wrote that on my wall. I wrote that on my mirror in the bathroom, just because it's easy to say that when you're on top of the world, but it's kind of hard to say it when everybody's dogging you."

This isn't the first or second time we've heard KD call himself the best player in the world, but as he points out, when you're at the lowest of lows, it's hard to believe that statement. But after seeing those words everywhere around his house, he continued to believe in himself and look where he is now.

Durant also said he would listen to what the doubters had to say about him and made it his goal to make them eat their words. To read the entire article, click here

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