1) The New York Knicks: From the season, to the lottery, to the collective draft night reaction of a fan base in distress. Even if you're losing hope, just keep repeating "In Phil we trust, In Phil we trust, In Phil we trust..."

2) Los Angeles Lakers: Swap coasts to the country's second-biggest market to find a similarly disappointing team. Their loss of Steve Nash to a career-ending back injury before the year was an extremely painful (for Nash, anyway) omen. Then they finished 21-61, to end up 46 games behind first place Golden State. After their waste of one of Kobe's twilight years, they cleared cap space to land Kevin Love, DeAndre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge​ Lou Williams. Their free agent pitch was apparently all wrong. But, then again, who could've predicted this Adam Levine tweet would flop?

3) The Oakland Raiders: You may wonder how the Bucs aren't our NFL rep, but their extraordinarily lousy division kept them alive in the NFC South after Thanksgiving. Oakland became one of only two teams to go winless on the road, got outscored by 199 points (worst in the NFL) and tried (and failed) to turn an 0-10 start into an 0-11 with an inexplicable celebration 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage while on defense during a game-winning drive attempt:

*Drum Roll*

The Knicks: 
When you play in the nation's largest market, you're often faced with outrageous expectations. However, playing up to the level of a high school team isn't one of them. Neither is coming within 20 games of the eight-seed in the shittier of the two conferences. Special acknowledgments are also deserved for their 16-game losing streak (that lasted over a month) and somehow, someway becoming the only team in the lottery to finish out of order when they dropped from the second pick to the fourth.