1) The NFL Combine: Sprints, broad jumps and hands drills narrated by Mike Mayock. This really is the bottom of the TV viewing barrel.

2) Day Three of the NFL Draft: Just in case you were waiting in anticipation to find out where Tauren Nixon, Denzelle Good and Trevor Siemian were headed.

3) The First Round of the NBA Playoffs: Of the eight series that were played, the team with the better record won seven of them. And only one was truly compelling.

4) Mayweather-Pacquiao: Especially if you factor in the weeks of build-up.

5) Home Run Derby: Hell is televised batting practice with Chris Berman saying "Back, back, back..." the whole time.

6) The ESPYs: An award show for mediums that already have their own awards.

7) The Alternative ESPYs: In fairness, you’re probably either commuting, working, or taking a shit…so who cares?

*Drum Roll*

The ESPYs:
 The only one of these pieces of crap you can still avoid.