Biggest pro football accomplishments: Spent time playing for the NFL's Bengals and Bills and the CFL's Calgary Stampeders after a successful career at Miami University in Ohio, where he was roommates and teammates with John Harbaugh
Biggest pro wrestling accomplishments: Won the WCW World Tag Team Championship with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (then known as "Stunning" Steve Austin) and won the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship twice
The key to his career change: He stayed in Calgary after playing with the Stampeders and trained with wrestling legend Stu Hart.

When most former NFL players decide to head north to play in the CFL, it signals the end of their football career. And while that did turn out to be the case for Pillman, the end of his football career also helped propel him into the beginning of his wrestling career. Pillman spent the beginning of his career wrestling in the WCW and ECW, but in 1996, he became the first wrestler to ever sign a guaranteed contract with the WWE and had a very memorable feud with Steve Austin. Sadly, he passed away in 1997 because of a heart condition, but not before he made an impact on the wrestling world.