Hey, Russell Wilson, you just won the Super Bowl! What are you going to do next? Er, wait, you're going to do what?!

Even though Wilson and his Seahawks teammates just got done winning the Super Bowl on Sunday night, the Seattle quarterback is already looking ahead. And according to his agent Mark Rodgers, one of the things Wilson wants to do now is attend spring training with the Texas Rangers, who selected him in MLB's Rule 5 draft late last year:

Not to worry, though, Seahawks fans. Wilson is not going to attempt to play pro baseball. At least, that's not part of his plans right now. Instead, it sounds like he's going to make an appearance at spring training in order to talk to the Rangers about what it takes to be a world champion:

It's not exactly a trip to Disney World (Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith got to do that yesterday after winning the MVP award on Sunday) but it is pretty cool that Wilson will get the opportunity to spend part of his spring dabbling in another sport. It'll help him get refreshed before he gets back on the football field next fall.

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[via Big League Stew]