Is Russell Wilson preparing to pull a Bo Jackson? Eh, don't count on it.

Even though the Seahawks quarterback has led Seattle to a fantastic start this season—and even though he's likely in for a huge payday when his rookie contract is up—Wilson was just drafted by a Major League Baseball team. The Rangers selected Wilson in MLB's "Rule 5" draft and agreed to pay the Rockies about $12,000 for the rights to Wilson. Wilson was actually drafted by the Orioles back in 2007 before he started his college football career and drafted again by the Rockies in 2010. But that was long before he started his NFL career, when there was a realistic chance of him playing pro baseball sometime down the line. So why in the world did the Rangers select him now, when it's clear that he's not going to play baseball?

"We feel like if he ever decided he wanted to come back and play again, he'd be a guy that we'd want in our system with us and see him develop," Rangers assistant general manager A.J. Preller said shortly after making the pick. "The biggest thing that intrigued us on Russell from afar is the makeup. I think the way he goes about his business, the professionalism, the competitor, [that's] the message that we try to preach throughout our organization."

Sounds good. But you guys do realize that you probably just wasted 12 grand, right? Then again, the Rangers have also drafted guys like Ricky Williams, Riley Cooper, and even Jameis Winston in the past. So maybe they're just really, really, really hoping that, if they draft enough NFL players, one day they'll find their Bo Jackson.

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[via ESPN Dallas]