Tough day to be Seneca Wallace, eh? Wallace was signed to be Aaron Rodgers' backup right before the start of the season. And yet, now that Rodgers has a fractured collarbone and will likely miss the next three weeks of action, it sounds like the Packers are looking to replace him with anyone—literally, anyone!—before their game against the Eagles this weekend.

So who are they going to turn to? Well, we've heard everyone from Matt Flynn to Vince Young mentioned as possible replacements for Rodgers. But there's one guy who won't be coming to Green Bay this week to quarterback the Packers. That guy is Brett Favre.

It's sort of ridiculous that someone had to actually go and look into this, considering Favre is not—we repeat, NOT—the solution to the Packers' problem right now. But ESPN's Gabe Neitzel gave Favre's agent Bus Cook a call today to gauge Favre's interest in making a comeback with Green Bay. Cook's response?

So there you have it. Favre won't be coming back for the Rams, the Packers, or anyone else this season. Sorry! So Seneca it is. Er, right?

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[via Eye on Football]