Professional sports are no strangers to that crazy little thing called hype. As fans, we love to build-up our favorite teams, and even get caught up in the players, stories, or events that the media proclaims as the "next great thing." After all, who would a player like LeBron James be if we hadn't known about him since his high school days? What is the Super Bowl without all the fanfare and attention that accompanies it? 

Of course, we all know that there are those times when someone or something just can't live up to all the expectations surrounding it. Remember Freddy Adu? Or how about that Dream Team that the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to have a couple years ago? Busts, all of them. To show you the rest of the supposed-to-be-best, we assembled the 10 Most Overhyped Sports Stories of the Past Decade for you to look back on. Hopefully, this is last time you'll ever have to think about Tebowmania

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