Date of homecoming: 4/15/2005
New team: New Jersey Nets
Former team: Toronto Raptors
What transpired: Carter's agent asked the Raptors for a trade at the beginning of the 2004-05 NBA season, and he was sent to the Nets in December 2004.
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Less than six months after getting traded to the Nets, Carter returned to Toronto and Raptors fans did everything they possibly could to get under his skin. They burned Carter's jerseys, they wore baby bibs with his jersey No. 15 on them, and they booed relentlessly. They were upset over the fact that Carter had demanded his way out of Toronto and miffed about some comments he had made to TNT's John Thompson shortly after the deal went through.

"In years past, no," Carter told Thompson when asked if he had always pushed himself during his time in Toronto. "But now, with all the injuries and all the things that have gone on, I have to work a little harder and I'm a little hungrier. That's why getting the opportunity to have a fresh start with New Jersey has made me want to attack the basket for a lot of reasons."

Carter tried to clarify his statements later. But a lot of people in Toronto took his words to mean that he had not given them his all during his time with the Raptors. So they booed him during his first game back. And to this very day, they continue to boo Carter, even though he has gone on the record on a number of occasions and professed his love for the city of Toronto.