Date of homecoming: 10/21/2000
New team: Real Madrid
Former team: Barcelona
What transpired: Figo surprsingly accepted a €60 transfer to Real Madrid after five-plus years in Barcelona.
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Bitter does not even really begin to describe how angry the Barcelona fans were when Figo accepted a €60 million transfer to Real Madrid, their arch nemesis. The former fan favorite instantly became a villain, and Figo was treated as such when he returned to Camp Nou for his first La Liga clash against his former team.

Banners labeling him (among other things) "Judas," "Traitor," and "Mercenary" were unfurled all over the stadium, and throughout the game Figo was cascaded with both boos and the occasional flying projectiles from the crowd whenever he touched the ball. Real lost the game 2-0, and things only got worse for Figo when he returned to his old home for subsequent matches; in 2002, fans actually threw a severed pig head at him when he was lined up to take a corner kick.