Sport: Football
Stats: 2012: (13-3) 68.6 Cmp% 4,659 Yds 37 TD 11 Int 105.8 Rate   2013 (So far): (3-0) 73 Cmp% 1,143 Yds 12 TD 0 Int 134.7 Rate

There were many who thought that after multiple neck surgeries, and a full year removed from the game, Peyton Manning was done. He and the Denver Broncos had other ideas. Manning lit it up in 2012, boasting his highest quarterback rating and touchdown total since 2004, and falling one Hail Mary short of the AFC Championship game. He almost went all the way, and it's an unreal way to go out, right? Yeah, right. Through the first three games of this season Manning has his Broncos undefeated and is off to the best start for a quarterback in the history of the league. On Monday night he broke Tom Brady's 2011 record for most TDs through three games, and his Broncos are on pace to catch the record-breaking offense of the 2007 New England Patriots. This is all at age 37, mind you.