Sport: Basketball
Team: Boston Celtics
Hateful lowlight: Ejected from 2012 playoffs for chest bumping a ref and forcing Ray Allen out of Boston.

Rajon Rondo is the Axl Rose of the NBA: as big a jackass as he is a talent. It's a good thing the temperamental superstar is good at basketball. Otherwise, he'd be at a Kentucky McDonald's violently accosting the staff for putting pickles on his Double Quarter Pounder. He's chest bumped an official, threw Kirk Heinrich into the scorer's table, and once cleared the benches in TD Bank Garden while fighting with Kris Humphries (his newest teammate).

The fighting hasn't been limited to opponents, either. He's beefed with Ray Allen for years, which is especially brazen because Jesus Shuttlesworth's been in the league since Rondo was 10 years old. That means this guy was in fifth grade, likely idolizing one of the NBA's all-time great 3-point shooters and, later in life, scornfully referring to him as "that guy" in interviews.