Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods had their own respective messy divorces. Vonn was rumored to have started dating Woods before she settled her divorce with ex-husband Thomas, which led to a very awkward 2013 Masters tweet. And then... there's Tiger and his much talked about situation which led to his divorce with Elin Nordegren. Both had traumatic experiences that could make them apprehensive to ever get hitched and in an interview with Vogue, Lindsey confirmed those beliefs, saying that she's "definitely not getting married again."  

“It definitely did not work for me, and I would not recommend it. I would also not recommend getting married!”

When I ask her if marriage will ever be in the cards for her again, (Vonn) grimaces: “No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.”

Welp. That's actually gotta be a relief for Woods, especially after he just signed what we're assuming to be a lucrative new deal with Nike. But, of course, you never know, those wedding bells could come calling at any minute. And so could those groupies... yeah... Tiger, keep making Lindsey think that she never wants to get married. 

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[via For The Win]