Really, Lance Armstrong? Really? OK, maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions, but when we first read one of the ways the lawyers of the former seven-time Tour de France chose to fire back at the US Postal Service in an attempt to dismiss the $125 million lawsuit, we couldn't help but scratch our head. Amstrong's lawyers are now saying that the USPS should have known that he was doping amid all the media speculation, but the officials "did nothing." Instead, they "renewed the Sponsorship Agreement and basked in the favorable publicity of its sponsorship."

Armstrong's lawyers are claiming "it is now far too late for the government to revisit its choice to reap the benefits of sponsorship rather than investigate allegations of doping." So, all those times Armstrong denied doping and called other people liars, which you can see in this convenient YouTube clip, his lawyers are saying that the USPS shouldn't have believed him, er, stood by his claim. Hey, maybe this type of defense, in addition to claiming the lawsuit was filed after the expiration of the statute of limitations, could work.

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