When we heard about the altercation that reportedly took place between Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins last week after both players were ejected from a game and sent to their respective locker rooms—and then subsequently heard that Randolph got fined $25,000 for it by the NBA—we pictured them getting into a WWE-style brawl that involved shattered glass, a few broken doors, and one of them running out of the building to escape the po-po. But, as it turns out, that's not what happened. At all. Instead, Z-Bo was fined for—try and contain your excitement here!—walking through a set of double doors outside of the Thunder's locker room, which the league interpreted as Randolph trying to get into a physical altercation.

"I didn't whoop his ass," he explained to a Memphis radio station yesterday. "That's the thing about it…[The NBA] said because I went through the double doors [they fined me]. I guess I went on their side. I don't know."

Damn. So, no fight. And, just like that, what sounded like one hell of a story turned into a dud. But, not to worry. Randolph did confirm that if he had gotten into it with Perkins, he probably would have been able to give him a beating, judging by his fight record.

"I'm going to say [I'm] about…28-2 or 28-4," he revealed. "I'm going to tell you this, because I used to fight older guys. You know, I used to fight older guys. You know, the older guys got to chastise you and make sure you ain't backing down. So, me or my brother, we never backed down, so we used to have to fight older guys."

Oh, Z-Bo. Don't ever change.

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[via Thunder Rumblings]