After Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins got ejected from a Grizzlies/Thunder game last week for getting chippy with one another, something happened back by the locker room area. We're still not sure exactly how things played out. But, according to multiple reports, Z-Bo and Perk were engaged in a war of words that may or may not have gotten physical at some point. But, it's clear that something happened.

We got confirmation of it last night when the NBA concluded their investigation into the incident by handing a $25,000 fine to Randolph for his part in the altercation. The league didn't elaborate on why they were handing Randolph a fine, but they apparently thought that he'd done enough during the altercation to warrant a fine. And, as for Perkins? Well, he got off without any sort of penalty. That's good for him—except that now it makes us think that something did go down between the two and that Z-Bo might have gotten the better of Perkins.

At any rate, we'll be interested to see how things play out the next time the Grizzlies and Thunder match up. It sounds like these two have some unfinished business that'll make that game must-see TV. They play again on Thursday, January 31. Mark your calendars now!

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]