Forget New York City's being the best sneaker city in the world — although it is — and consider that, for many, New York City IS the sneaker world. It's where trends are born, where local favorites become global hits, and where companies roll out their most outrageous product. The City that Never Sleeps doesn't sleep on anything. And while the Nike Air Force 1 would have been an amazing sneaker even without New York City's co-sign, the fact that it became known across the world as the "Uptown" (as the PRO-Keds 69er did before it) is just one example of NYC's influence. Things may not be quite as clear-cut now — everyone wears everything everywhere — but even now, some of New York City's best-known neighborhoods and boroughs (and blocks) can have their identities tied to a specific sneaker. Feel free to offer your own thoughts — or rep for your own hood — in the comments section below.

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