State of Sneakers Week continues with a look at the cities that keep our beloved sneaker habit going. All around the world, there are sneakerheads and stores that feed our need for new kicks on a daily basis. While some stores may be currently on top of the game, others have been doing with consistency for longer than some sneakerheads have been alive. But what really makes a great sneaker city? It could be the number of sneaker stores. It could be the number of people that are into sneakers. It could even be the number of sneakerheads that visit as tourists. After all, we all know vacation time means it's time to break out something special. We would argue that it's all of the above that makes a great sneaker city, a combination of shops new and old, a population of appreciative sneakerheads, and a decent amount of visitors to talk kicks with at any of the local spots. With that said, check out The 15 Best Sneaker Cities in the World and let us know in the comments section which places you've been and how they rank for you.

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