Mark Ramonek might have some seriously big shoes to fill with his next gig. 

Variety reports that he's in negotiations with Warner Bros. to direct a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's horror classic among classics, The Shining

Ramonek doesn't have an incredibly long resume when it comes to directing feature films, but it is a solid one. He wrote and directed the 2002 Robin WIlliams thriller One Hour Photo and, most recently, helmed the 2010 British dystopian drama Never Let Me Go. Neither made a lot of money, but they were both well-liked by critics. 

Ramonek has also directed music videos for Weezer, Johnny Cash, and, most notably, the Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film that served as Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby" video and was shot over a six-hour marathon performance session at MoMA. 

The The Shining prequel is titled Overlook Hotel  and it's written by former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara and based on Stephen King's original prologue that was cut from the 1977 novel, Variety reports. 

The news comes in the wake of reports in May that Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron was in talks to direct Overlook Hotel and had basically been offered the job.  After Gravity's massive success, Cuaron has his pick of projects. This might mean he's picked something else. 

[Via Variety]