The Virgin Gaming finals of the ESPN FC Champions Cup for FIFA 14 gets underway tonight at 5:30pm EST on ESPN FC.

While the qualifiers for the competition all took place online, the finals will be held live. This is the first time eSports has made it back onto ESPN since the reality TV show featuring Madden NFL, Madden Nation was pulled down from its three year run in 2008.

Competitors include Nicholas Joyce from the UK and Victor Munoz from Spain juking and sliding their way to victory at ESPN's headquarters for the prize of $2,500.

The meager winners by eSports standards, with League of Legends and Dota 2 teams taking home millions in cash and prizes, seems pretty sad but playing eSports on national TV is an upside to the players and for eSports in general. If eSports are every to make it back on broadcast television its going to need to get a toe-hold like this and to hang on to it.

Check out the ESPN FC Champions Cup for FIFA 14 live tonight at 5:30pm EST on ESPN FC.

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[Via DailyDot]