Last night in New York City, MLS and EA Sports partnered to host a FIFA 14 launch party for excited fans waiting on the midnight release of the game. Swizz Beatz got down on the 1s and 2s, and A$AP Rocky made an appearance to show love to Drake, who got on the sticks to play New York Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill.

Cahill played with his Red Bulls, while Drake chose to play with Real Madrid (couldn't pick Mario Balotelli's AC Milan, bro?). And despite the obvious disparity in talent levels between the two teams, Cahill kept Drake under pressure all game with clever one-two passing and sound build-up play. How else would a professional soccer star play FIFA? He scored two goals with Thierry Henry, but Drake used the skill and athleticism of Madrid to tie the game 2-2 after full-time and extra time.

Like true FIFA gamers, the two decided to forgo a penalty shoot-out. Instead, they restarted the match with their own golden goal rule. Hardcore FIFA fans know that winning in penalties is like kissing your sister, so big ups to them for deciding a winner the fair way.

It took another 88 minutes of game time, but Cahill eventually broke the 2-2 deadlock with a winning goal off a fast counter-attack. After playing nearly two complete games, it was clear that these two were no FIFA slouches. Check out the Vine below to see Cahill celebrate his victory and hug it out with Drake. 

Drake's new album, Nothing Was The Same, and FIFA 14 are both in stores now.

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