Super Mario Kart is a liar.

Nintendo want's you to think it's a fun racing game for kids with turtles and gorillas in bow-ties.

Fuck that. Super Mario Kart is the Greek army after the fall of Troy. Salting the earth and putting relationships to the sword, Mario Kart is evil and here's the proof.

Chances are you've already seen Shea Serrano's work.

Serrano is most famous for his collaboration with Bun B on their project, Bun B's Rapper Coloring and Activity Book. His comic for Complex's Four Pins about J. Coles's eyebrows attempting to convince Cole to respond to Kendrick's "Control" verse is as amazing as it sounds. It has increased the demand for facial hair based comic art throughout the known internet.

Serrano also has two kids that are vicious at Super Mario Kart. Over the course of the Thanskgiving break, Serrano was deafeated once and what follows is his live-tweet leading up to the second rematch with his kids for the Mario Kart championship. It's amazing.













We know man, we know.

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