Latest role: Alex Kerkovich, Happy Endings (ABC)

Who could’ve imagined back during her cougar evading days that Kim Bauer would have one [intentionally] comedic bone in her body? Fast forward a decade though, and Elisha Cuthbert has gone from the bane of every 24 fan’s existence to uncontested MVP of one of television’s sharpest (and woefully underrated) sitcoms.

The Happy Endings cast is filled with actors with backgrounds in comedy and stand-up save her and Zach Knighton, but where Knighton is predictably the ensemble’s weak link, somewhere in the second season the writers decided to turn Cuthbert’s Alex’s dim bulb all the way down and Cuthbert rose to the challenge.

Alex Kerkovich is endearingly bereft of any common sense, a woman of simple pleasures—rom-coms and ribs, and prone to whimsical moves like buying a racist parrot. With Happy Endings officially cancelled as of last spring, hopefully Cuthbert finds another outlet to exercise her comedic chops.