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Perhaps you're casually aware of reggae icon Bob Marley's legacy but don't know much more than his spiritual connection to marijuana smokers worldwide. If that's the case, Kevin Macdonald's sprawling, intimately revealing documentary Marley is the perfect tool to immerse yourself in the complete life story of one of the music industry's most important figures ever. Macdonald leaves no stones unturned, and the assortment of candid interviews, with Marley's family members and colleagues, paint a vivid portrait that no amount of online research could usurp.

Impressively, though, Marley works just as well for Bob enthusiasts. Commendably unbiased, Macdonald's avoids being a pro-Marley fluff piece by spending long periods of time investigating children born of infidelity through the accounts of his wife, Rita. Altogether, Marley provides the most insightful look into the legend's entire history that we're ever likely to receive.