Over the 50 years of his onscreen life, we've established that James Bond is good at a few things; among them, sipping martinis, killing bad guys, and bedding beautiful women known as Bond Girls. A much passed-around chart, in fact, broke down the stats and found that the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, who returns to the screen today in Skyfall, put back the most martinis per film, while the Bond portrayed by Pierce Brosnan wasted the most evildoers. 

The most sexing-est 007 was the one played by George Lazenby. Yeah, it was just one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), but the novice Australian actor put up impressive numbers.

But that's fiction, you know (you do know that, dont you?)—real life can be a different story. We've looked back at the real people—the actors—who've played Bond over the past 50 years to figure out which of them, if any, had sex lives even approaching that of the character they played. Here they are, ranked from least lethal to master ladykiller, and we're pretty sure you'll be surprised at the winner.

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