Following in Marvel’s philosophy of franchise building and character exploitation, Batman on Film is reporting that Warner Brothers is planning to spin-off a new Batman movie series from the version of the character that appears in the upcoming Justice League film. This could mean that the actor behind the mask, as well as the character’s look and personality, will carry over from one movie to another. This is similar to what Marvel is doing with some of its Avengers characters by building them up in one movie and then spinning them off into different ones.

Fans hoping for Christopher Nolan’s tone to be kept intact for the eventual Batman reboot are sure to be disappointed by this rumor, but the character has undergone so many different makeovers throughout the years that a slight change in direction won’t be the worst thing in the world. Now that we know Batman will exist in the same shared universe as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, perhaps this reboot could feature some more colorful villains like the Riddler, Man-Bat, Croc, and Penguin.

[via Batman on Film]