Director: Brian Robbins
Stars: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Clark Duke, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janney

Is A Thousand Words Eddie Murphy's worst movie of all time? Well, it's difficult to label anything that in a world where The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Norbit still exist, but, yes, A Thousand Words is somehow worse than both of those notorious duds.

If there's any positive to come from this ridiculously high-concept and low-laugh romp, it's hopefully Murphy's realization that he needs to stay the hell away from director Brian Robbins, the hack who, before this misfire, worked with the once-great comedian on the aforementioned Norbit and Meet Dave.

This time, though, the collaborators commit an egregious act for any comedy movie: They remove Eddie Murphy's voice. That's because he plays a guy forced to limit his words or else a tree will lose all its leaves and he'll subsequently die. Yes, that's the plot, and, indeed, one of the funniest jokesters ever has to not talk. Why couldn't they have just cast the reasonably nice-to-look-at but verbally unfunny Whitney Cummings instead?