Original Air Date: January 20, 1997
Director: Jack Bender
Stars: Shannen Doherty, Jason London, Jennifer Blanc
Lesson Learned: Your awesome new friend is probably trying to destroy you.

Well, the title's a little misleading here. And with Shannen Doherty as one of the leads, you can already be pretty certain that the titular friendship is as good as fucked. In this case, however, the crazy party surprisingly isn't Doherty but her new BFF (Jennifer Blanc), who's held a grudge against her since childhood.

After being institutionalized, hooking herself up with a new alias, and enrolling herself at Heather's (Doherty) college, Zanne (formerly Suzanne) wheedles her way into her target's life and attempts to destroy it from within. As you can guess, it's hard to be friends 'til the end when one of your girls is attempting to live out a reboot of Single White Female.