Director: Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike's Visitor Q is, hands down, the funniest movie on this countdown. And by funny, we mean the kind of humor one receives from those old Warner Bros. cartoons, except, here, animated animals are replaced by deranged Japanese folks.

It's your typical Norman Rockwell family: Daddy pays to have sex with his daughter, who's a prostitute; mommy is addicted to heroin and, like her little girl, sells her body to support the drug habit; and their son, a high school kid, enjoys whipping his mom and beating her up with his bare hands. As if their lifestyle isn't wild enough, a stranger muscles his way into their home, repeatedly bashes a rock over dad's head and teaches the family how to behave like a (somewhat) rational unit.

Through all of Visitor Q's exceedingly bizarre imagery, Miike is trying to make statements about people with closed-off feelings, but doing so in a hilariously twisted dark comedy dilutes his message considerably. Which is all for the better, since it's impossible to feel an emotional catharsis from seeing a woman lactate all over a kitchen floor.