Address: 2323 18th St. NW

There's nothing wrong with a college bar, so long as it's on a college campus. Adams Morgan isn't a college campus. Still, the Town Tavern comes with all the furnishings of a rambunctious college yack-shack. It's manageable when it isn't packed, but you're left with two options when this place reaches capacity: leave, or drown yourself in a pitcher of beer. The upside is that the beer is cheap, so you won't feel completely robbed during your struggle outing. Also, you'd think a place this rowdy would scoff at the idea of a dress code, but they have the audacity to tell you what to wear. It makes you feel like they're fucking with you. At least the staff and most of the crowd seem to understand what this place is about: getting drunk cheaply and quickly. But that doesn't mean you want to be there for the festivities.