6. JONAH HEX (2010)

Warner Bros. simply doesn’t get it. They have a mountain of great heroes at their disposal, such as the Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and the Flash, yet the studio always chooses the most obscure of the bunch. Jonah Hex is a serviceable enough character in the realm of comic books; he fills the hole left by the death of the Western comics in the early '70s, and fans tend to gravitate towards his Clint Eastwood-esque exterior and scarred face. Think of him as the Punisher as reimagined by Sergio Leone.

But apparently Warner Bros. saw everything interesting about Jonah Hex as negatives and decided to give the character a cheap-looking, neutered film that only clocked in at about 80 minutes long. Hex’s violent, gritty stories and anti-social personality were replaced by a clichéd supernatural plotline and the awful acting of Megan Fox. This isn’t one of those bad flicks that you can at least laugh at—it's about as bad as movie-making gets. It’s a shame, too, because Josh Brolin is the perfect actor to play Hex; the guy who co-directed Horton Hears A Who!, on the other hand, is a less inspired choice.