Spotify and Genius have teamed up to create a series of curated "Behind the Lyrics" playlists. These playlists include "lyrical excerpts, fun facts, annotations, and stories straight from the artists and from the Genius community." The first playlist will be "Behind the Lyrics (Hip-Hop)," with "Behind the Lyrics (Hits)" also set to release this week. Diplo, Pusha T, and Tinashe are lined up as the first artists to share personal insight into their respective songs.

“Being a producer and writer, I really love to see how some songs resonate with fans from the feeling / meaning or just sound of the records,” said Diplo. “I have always been a person that dissects music and studies it. I was a sample spotter and I learned how to make music by listening to it. Genius on Spotify breaks down the music to the bare bones and gets deeper into it’s true core."

The playlists will be available to all Spotify users with the exception of iPhone 4 and 4S owners. Expect to see further partnerships between the two companies in the future.