Honest, Future's second album—third album? Fourth? Tenth?—came out today. There's some confusion as to which record, exactly, this is in his catalog. Because although it's his second on a major label, Future (like Gucci, YG, Wayne, 2 Chainz, Boosie, Max B, etc.) had a full catalog of songs familiar to fans across the country before he even released a major label record—including those as a solo artist, as well as a split EP with Stuey Rock, a collaborative record with Gucci Mane, a tape promoting his FreeBandz Gang, and scattered loose tracks that never had an official home.

Many of his best songs never made an album.

Future's catalog is a complicated case even on his official releases. His "debut" came out in both regular and "deluxe" editions in early 2012. Pluto deluxe had more tracks than the original. Then, at the end of 2012, Pluto was reissued again as Pluto 3D, which further complicated things by swapping "Neva End" for its remix with Kelly Rowland, adding new tracks, removing others, and switching up the sequencing.

If you're looking for an entry point into Future's complicated catalog, you could do worse than the deluxe edition of Pluto or Pluto 3D. But you could also do better, which is where this comes in.

Taking into account his entire catalog, here are the 25 Best Future Songs, as determined by science.

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