Here we on on Black Friday, 2013. The day of the year perhaps more devoted to American commercialism than any other. (Besides, maybe, Christmas—but we split our devotion that day with celebrating the birth of Christ.) This has been a big year for commercialism in rap. Really, every year is a big year for commercialism in rap. But this year seemed even bigger. Specifically, the issue of rappers and corporate endorsement was in the news a lot. Jay Z and Sony, Rick Ross and Reebok, and Kanye and Nike and now Adidas. 

Rappers are always endorsing lame-ass products, in my opinion. Computers and shoes and liquor, liquor and computers and shoes. There's a word in the business world for a better arrangement: "synergy." Synergy is just what rappers need to really push a product. Why would you have Rick Ross selling Reeboks (aside from the obvious alliterative appeal) when he could be selling drugs? After all, he raps about them a lot! A partnership with your local dope kingpin would make a lot more strategic sense.

Likewise, EPMD should sell chill pills (xannies) because you gotsta chill and the Migos would have a shop in "Chinatown"—I literally can't think of anything else the Migos could realistically sell, based on their music. They have zero other songs that someone could possibly tie to the sales of a product. 

Anyway, we had a bunch of other ideas for brands rappers should shill for, we even thought of the specific advertising campaigns. And we the help of our art department, we got our Mad Men on and made them. 

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