Nothin's been the same since they dropped "Control." Rap Beef is back in the news. (Or well, at least, Rap Battling. Seems like a stretch to call what's happening right now "beef.") Kendrick named names. Everyone from Papoose to Joell Ortiz to Meek Mill responded. Kendrick noted the similarity between comfortable loungewear and pajamas. Yes, Drake said he didn’t care about going platinum because he just looked at his wrist and saw that its already platinum. Yes, A$AP Ferg and Gucci went back and forth over the comparative stress levels of “lords” vs. “gods.” It’s a competitive atmosphere! And this is good! For the most part. Sadly, like all good things, rap beef has its bad side, too. (Hey, a side of beef!) For every great beef that yields great music, for every Jay Z-vs.-Nas, there are a thousand Drake-vs.-Commons. Beef that seems, well, corny. (Hey, corned beef!)

Don't get us wrong. This Kendrick vs. Drake thing could get really interesting. We hope it does. We hope lots of great music results. (We also hope, as it is always important to say, that it all stays entirely on wax.) But considering the current conversation, we figured its a good time to update we picked through the 30 Corniest Rap Beefs Ever.

This story originally appeared in altered form on January 12, 2012.

Written by Eric Rosenthal and Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal) and David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

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