Written and directed by: Aubrey Graham

Starring: Aubrey Graham and Scarlett Johansson

US Box Office Gross: $115,547,822

Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

Plot: After 10 years apart, two high school sweethearts reunite as teachers at the same high school they attended as teenagers. The star crossed lovers try to rekindle their old flame while fighting the memory of complicated relationships of the from past—with one another and with other lovers.

Trivia: Sparked by rumors that the film was wholly inspired by Rihanna, Graham pens a letter on his Tumblr, misformelancholy.tumblr.com: "Rihanna wasn't my first love. I did love her, but she wasn't my first love. But, that break up really hit me because it made me do some thinking. 'What is this about? How do people get here?' The film isn't about her. It mostly draws from experiences from earlier in my life. I still love some of those women because when it's that strong, it doesn't fade."

Noteworthy Awards: Winner of Best Picture Musical or Comedy, Best Actor Musical or Comedy and Actress Golden Globes, Nominated for Best Screenplay Golden Globe