We woke up this morning and nothing was the same. That's because Drake's latest album, Nothing Was The Same, leaked last night. Although the album isn't due in stores until September 24, fans got to listen to Drake's latest offering a week early. It's still way too soon to start making hyperbolic statements about the album, so we're just gonna say we need a few more listens to sit with the album and soak it in. 

Regardless of the amassing critical consensus that’s sure to emerge in the coming days, we listened to the album and we felt...some type of way. Which is to say, we felt many ways. This is no surprise, we all know Drake is known for his sensitive lyrics and open emotion. 

We always thought Drake wrote his lyrics to be made for your next tweet or Facebook status. There's no way he wrote “Started From The Bottom” and didn’t think, “This would look really great as an Instagram caption!" But this time around it felt like he wrote his album as a series of text messages to his exes. Maybe that’s why when we listened to the album all we could think about was texting our exes (because we’re millennials and we don’t how to communicate IRL). So Check out 25 Lyrics From Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" That Will Make You Want To Text Your Ex, especially if your exes live in Texas...

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