Shots Fired? A History of Drake's Subliminal Diss Lines

"The city's mine like Oklahoma's a Sooner state/And we're gonna have to cross paths whether soon or late/So, why don't you walk up in the spot using less strut/You ain't Morris Chestnut, you lighter and less cut/And lets be honest, by now you should be your own scholar/You still a protege, that's the reason I don't holler."

Song: Drake "A Scorpio's Mind" (2006)
Potential target: Aristo
Shots fired? Probably

Most rap fans who aren't from Canada or into Degrassi weren't up on Drake in early days of his career. Which is all good since there wasn't that much material worth checking out (except for "Try Harder" off Room For Improvement, that song is amazing). So fans can get a pass for snoozing through Drake's totally forgotten beef with local Toronto rapper Aristo. Aristo's claim to fame is basically being the guy Drake beefed with before he was famous. They traded subliminals back in forth for a few years until Aristo got at Drake on a track called "Good Morning" followed by Drake ending Aristo's career with a diss song called "Good Riddance." We're probably not even aware of all of Drake's lines that could be aimed at Aristo, but one thing's for sure: There's definitely a reason why Canadian beef isn't as popular as Canadian bacon. It's lacking in flavor.

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