Label: Vested in Culture/Epic

Quadron are an R&B duo—Robin Hannibal is one-half of Rhye, and vocalist Coco appeared on Tyler, The Creator's Wolf album—who make tasteful, well-written R&B with an upscale ambiance. Avalanche, the group's latest album, is a definite reach for popular recognition, relative to earlier releases. Kendrick Lamar has a guest verse, and the single "Hey Love" is the closest to a radio-ready the group has ever sounded. But they manage the trick without sacrificing all of the things that make them worth your time. Coco's voice is poised and clear; on songs like "Crush," she gives her performance a whispy, graceful quality. Their approach to R&B, despite reaching for a more conservative audience, is not retro; instead, they focus on strong songwriting and elegant performance. There is a timelessness to their sound that avoids easy pigeonholing. Overall, it's a very "grown-up" record, subtle, romantic, and jazzy. Which makes the title really funny. The only avalanche it might make you think you think of is ice cubes falling into a cocktail glass. This is a good thing. —David Drake