I Am Not A Human Being II leaked last night, just under a week away from its March 26 release date. The second installment in the album series boasts nothing new for Wayne: drugs, sex, guns, and the rest of content comprising the ridiculous lyrics that we presented earlier this morning.

The album's going to get a lot of criticism, but Wayne's clearly got no worries, and after listening track-by-track, we have to give it to him—the LP is entertaining. Of course, we noticed some expected trends, including animal metaphors like "shark pussy" and rhymes about his dick that show up at an alarming frequency.

We gave the project a thorough scan to find out just how often he veers towards his usual gamut of topics. From his love of women's privates and being high to shooting his enemies, here's A Numerical Breakdown of Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II.

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