Album: N/A
Producer: Prince
Label: Warner Bros,Paisley Park,NPG,EMI,Columbia,Arista

Prince is the best. I think we'd all agree. Like, really, seriously the best. Name a living musical artist with a catalogue that can match up. It's difficult. Bob Dylan? Aretha Franklin? Bruce Springsteen? We're talking upper echelon pantheon here. But when was the last time he released a song you wanted to listen to more than once? For me, you have to go back to 1995, and "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." Well, miracle upon miracle, it's happened again. His Purple Majesty put together an all-girl trio to back him this year, 3rd Eye Girl, and he's been playing slow, heavy, Hendrixian versions of his classics on tour. And this: a perfect little piece of punk pop. A little tossed-off sounding, maybe, sure. But enough to say, like Jay-Z does, "Just thought I'd remind y'all..." —Dave Bry